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Workshop Wrap-Up

Workshop Wrap-Ups

Sacramento County — Central/North

January 10th, 2004, 8:30am - Noon
CSUS Alumni Center
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA

Scenario Summaries

Workshop participants were asked to select from four scenarios.

For more information about the different scenarios, please view the Panel Maps and the Scenario Maps.

Scenario A (0 Tables)

  • Future development same as today's.
  • Fairly low residential densities.
  • County's share of regional growth declines

Scenario B (2 Tables)

  • Strong mixture of land uses in 10 sub-areas.
  • Higher population growth than A.
  • Somewhat higher densities than A.

Scenario C (8 Tables)

  • Smaller, mixed use activity centers/corridors.
  • Same (higher) population growth as B.
  • Higher residential densities than B.

Scenario D (19 Tables)

  • Significant re-urbanization in transit corridors.
  • Same (higher) population growth as B.
  • Focus more of growth into redevelopment areas.
  • Highest residential densities (significant increase from A).

Sacramento County — Central/North Workshop