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Workshop Wrap-Up

Workshop Wrap-Ups

Sacramento County - East

November 15th, 2003, 8:30am - Noon
Vision Service Plan
3333 Quality Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA

For more information about the different scenarios, please view the Panel Maps and the Scenario Maps.

Scenario A (0 Tables)
  • Future development same as today's.
  • Fairly low residential densities.
  • County's share of regional growth declines
Scenario B (Two Tables)
  • Strong mixture of land uses in 10 sub-areas.
  • Higher population growth than A.
  • Somewhat higher densities than A.
Scenario C (Nine Tables)
  • Smaller, mixed use activity centers/corridors.
  • Same (higher) population growth as B.
  • Higher residential densities than B.
Scenario D (5 Tables)
  • Significant re-urbanization in transit corridors.
  • Same (higher) population growth as B.
  • Focus more of growth into redevelopment areas.
  • Highest residential densities (significant increase from A).

Sacramento County - East